Lady Aida emerged during a revolution in the online gambling industry as a forerunner of innovation. Simple to use and packed with content, Lady Aida is where new horizons are reached and extended.

About us

Our affiliate program is specifically designed to ease affiliates in and start producing results as soon as possible. On top of our superb program we will send you all the required tools for smooth and efficient promotions and analyses.

We are a team of experts with in-depth knowledge of online casino affiliation and the market that goes with it. Our managers have years of experience behind them, and are engaged in continuous learning and teaching of all aspects of affiliation.

We believe that long lasting partnerships are the pillars on which this industry is built.

Once you go with LadyAffs you will never look back.

Working With Us

Mobile Support for all sites

Progress is the name of the game. Virtually every modern brand has a mobile counterpart, and for this reason we require all represented brand to have a mobile version.

Statistics on players

To better focus on your target market we provide you with detailed and updated player statistics. The program allows you to witness the results of every promotion you make, which helps you in creating a more efficient one next time.

Creative decisions

Our team of professional designers, developers, content writers and translators will create: affiliate content, banners, landing pages, newsletters and mailers. Furthermore, we provide the tools if you’re willing to create the same on your own.

Affiliate Managers

With over a decade of experience our affiliate managers are well prepared and can foresee any change that might occur in the market. The years of experience has made this business like second nature to them.

Our Offers To You

  • Rev Share

    We offer substantial percentage cuts in Revenue Share for our top affiliates.

  • Cost Per Action, CPA

    Bringing people over to our brand will generate a huge revenue for you with CPA, more so than an average 9 hour job.

  • Hybrid

    Fuse together the benefits of both CPA and Rev Share to maximize your profits.

  • Fast Payments

    Expect your payments to arrive in the first week of every month, via Neteller (minimum €50) or by wire transfer (minimum €200).

  • Reference

    When bringing a friend over earn 5% of his/her winnings as a way for us to say thanks.

  • Long Term Partnership

    Expect to build a lasting and loyal partnership with us.

Brand Guidelines

All logos and proprietary rights are the property of Lady Aida Casino.

Logos and trademarks – whether registered or not – must be used in the correct manner.

Guidelines must be observed.


How to become affiliate

Simply click on the Sign Up button to register. Read through and accept our Terms and Conditions. Upon receiving our approval you will be one step closer to that sweet green bill.

How does LadyAffs work

When visitors to your website see advertisement for our brand they become potential clients by clicking and being redirected to any of our brand. If a monetary transaction occurs then you earn a percentage of the generated revenue plus the initial listing fee.

Does it cost to join

No, it’s absolutely free to join.

I don’t have a website, Can I still become an affiliate

Of course. Upon registering mention in what way you can promote our brand so that you receive the most relevant offer from us.

How much money will I earn

If you’re bringing people in then we have some very good news. Cash will start flowing to your bank account. Check out our offers for more details on the commission options.

How to track my earnings

All you need to do to track your share of the profit is to log in to your affiliate account and voila!

What payment options do you offer

LadyAffs offers the following payment transaction options: Neteller and Wire Transfer. We advise you keep your options up to date in order for your earnings to be safely transferred.

When do I get paid

LadyAffs assures that all payments will be delivered no later than the end of the first week of the month.

In what currency do I get paid

All monetary transactions are done in Euro(€)

What do I do if I need tailor-made content

Our team of skilled content creators will be happy to accommodate any need you may have concerning marketing material.

What is the minimum I have to earn to get paid

In a month you need to generate a minimum of €50 if you’re using Neteller, and €200 for Wire Transfer.

Contact us

If any question arise, or you wish to contact an affiliate manager don’t hesitate to hit us up on [email protected]